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The kids are asking what's for dinner and so is your spouse. Then there's the confusion and time-consuming grocery store. What's healthy, what to buy, where to go, and much of what you buy goes bad in the fridge anyways so what's the point?

Let the experts take over this part of your life! Drew and Dorothy have been meal planning for years themselves and know exactly what it takes to be successful when it comes to family nutrition.

They'll show you how to plan meals because they'll do it for you, from Monday to Sunday, from Breakfast to dinner and snacks in between you'll know exactly what to eat. The kids will even get excited to check out the new meal plan each week.



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Learn how to make easy to prepare recipes that taste delicious!

We all know how stressful it is to have no idea what to prepare for dinner. You feel guilty hitting the drive through but you're exhausted and there isn't anything prepared at home and there's nothing in the fridge either.


  • Recipes

    • Access delicious recipes in one place
    • Delicious desserts, soups, salads, breakfasts and snacks
    • Healthy baking recipes, workshops, and videos
    • Healthy substitutes for sugar and oil
  • Exercise

    • Reduce the Stress of finding a meal for dinner
    • Learn how to create well balanced meals
    • Understand food combining
    • Gluten free, dairy free, soy free options
  • Videos

    • Printable pdf recipes
    • Video demonstrations
    • Learn about fermented foods
    • Live recorded workshops
  • Support

    • Easy to prepare meals the whole family will love
    • Let experts do the planning for you
    • Recipes, Grocery shopping lists and video demo’s
    • Save money by preparing in advance

Here's How We Make it Happen!

  • Food & Challenges

    How to make healthy breakfasts, what ingredients to buy and how to combine it so it tastes good. Snacks is always a challenge, young children, growing boys, what to pack for lunch? We've got that covered for you too!

  • Videos, Workshops & PDFs

    We have videos, workshops, printable pdfs and recipe ebooks for you as well which will all help you make baking you'll feel guilty about eating because it tastes so good! Cost effective recipes, that don't take ingredients you can't pronounce or have never heard of. These aren't gourmet meals which mean it doesn't take a gourmet chef to prepare them, but the meals taste good enough to be in your favourite restaurant.

  • Save Time at the Grocery Store

    We'll actually show you how to save time in the grocery store by providing a list each week, you'll even save time in the kitchen by preparing meals a head of time and doing some batch cooking and even baking! Speaking of, healthy baking is also something we specialize in from gluten free options to avoiding refined sugar.

  • What is Healthy?

    We take the guessing out of what is healthy, how to combine food, are you getting enough protein, is there enough veggies and how to prepare all of it. Reduce the stress in your life, save money and enjoy the convenience of knowing exact what to eat as we provide a booklet of details each week.

Success Stories

...members just like you who considered joining one of our programs.

I wanted to say thank you to Drew Taddia and Dorothy Keith for another amazing group challenge!! As always I learned so much and enjoyed all the conversations and support going on. I do know that I have more exercises to add to my workouts because of this challenge and that excites me. I feel stronger and my husband gave me a new nickname...6 pack Turney!! Haha love it!! Very thankful for the accompanying videos too, they helped me immensely and gave me a few needed chuckles too. Great work everyone, it's been a blast!!


I just finished the 10 day Fitness Challenge. It was definitely a challenge, but so worth doing. Drew has put a lot of thought into the workout, to make it consistently more challenging.. I am reasonably fit(or so I thought, but I do have a small physical limitation. Drew and Dorothy were excellent at coming up with modifications for the exercises that presented a problem for me. I am also 55 years young, if I can do this workout, anyone can! The biggest bonus: at the end of the 10 day challenge I was down 4 3/4 inches ,
Looking forward to the next one!


I found the Meal Plan to be an amazing addition and definite asset to the workout( it simplifies the whole process), with a grocery list allowing for faster and easier prep. And a delicious meal all planned out for you, all the while ensuring you are on track with healthy nutrition.


Such a great program!!! Short, high intensity work outs that don't require any equipment or the gym!! As a mom of two busy kids, this was a fantastic program to kickstart my fitness goals, and after 10 days I lost 2.5 inches, my energy is up, and I feel great!


Thank you so much Drew and Dorothy for your time and dedication to the group. I LOVED this challenge so much. I found it really helpful for the videos every day so thank you for that too. This challenge proved to me that I don't need to spend hours In the gym to see results and feel good because time was always one of my excuses for not working out, especially when I am trying to do an hour of yoga/meditation every day.


My experience with Dorothy’s coaching was amazing. She’s very encouraging and positive. She made suggestions for me to make my meal prep and workouts easier to fit in to my daily life. Dorothy wants us all to succeed and feel good about our life choices. I know if I’m ever in need of her services again that she will be there to help me. Thank you for assisting me in my journey and supporting me in my decisions.


I want to let you know about my experience with the True Form monthly membership. I have been going for health advice from Drew for years, through his books and detoxes and this is yet another tool he has created that has helped me. I am one of those people who had been know to consider a banana and a Diet Coke a legitimate meal and this program has really taken then guesswork out of planning my meals ahead so I don't run into those situations. The membership is really fool proof. You get a grocery list and a meal plan with recipes and daily workouts. The private group is on Facebook which makes it super easy to access and the support from Drew and Dorothy as well the rest of the members in the group is fantastic. It amazes me the difference I feel in my energy level just from eating the right foods. This is not a fad diet, believe I've tried most of them. This is really a lifestyle change and I totally recommend it.


I Love working with Dorothy and besides being an amazing person, she is an amazing coach. When you think of fitness trainers and coaches, for some people including myself all those things can be so daunting and scary. Scared to fail, scared to be judged, scared to waste money and not follow through. But what Dorothy brings to the table is a whole new ballgame. She brings forward step by step motivation and support. No judgment! I have been with TrueForm for 2 months now and even though most days lately, between stress at home and my baby, and day to day life I haven’t followed my plan, I’m not afraid to come to Dorothy to tell her what is going on and assess my problem areas with her so I can work towards my eventual goal of healthy living. Not just jumping and falling, but by building life long habits. The bonds and relationship you can build with Dorothy are definitely not something you can get anywhere else, and that’s what sets her apart from other trainers and coaches. She is able to take you step by step and get you where you want to be.


I just wanted to say I am very thankful to Drew and Dorothy, for all the work they put into their membership program. I really appreciate the meal plans, it really helps me to make healthy choices without having to think too hard about what to make. The meals and snacks are really yummy, and filling. They put a lot of work into their site with exercise demo videos and they are just so so passionate and energetic about what they do. The support group on Facebook is neat too! Thanks Drew and Dorothy!!

Trudy Cartier

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